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At Warning Systems we believe that every second matters in emergencies, and we truly believe, that if you can save time, you can save lives.

To be able to save time for emergency vehicles, so that they in the end can save lives, we have been working on developing different technologies, to make this possible.

Because of this, Warning Systems are working on developing technologies, to help reduce transportation time for emergency vehicles, and thus help them in getting faster from A to B.

We offer three different solutions at Warning Systems. Green Wave, SafeTrack – Emergency and SafeTrack – Road. These are three products that we believe can change, and help emergency vehicles secure faster transportation.

The thought behind our product is, as earlier described, that we wish to reduce the time it takes for emergency vehicles, to get to and from the scene of the accident, which is something we believe is possible if you do it right. With our solutions, it will be possible for emergency vehicles, whether it is ambulance-, police- or other emergency workers, to get to and from the scene of the emergency faster. 

Our solutions

Green Wave is designed to ensure emergency vehicles quicker transportation to and from the place of accident.

Read more about Green Wave here:

SafeTrack® – Emergency is designed to allow a safer passage for emergency vehicles.

Read more about SafeTrack® – Emergency here:

SafeTrack® – Road is designed to ensure larger safety around roadwork.

Read more about SafeTrack® – Road here:

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