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Green Wave

Green Wave is a directional sound sensor for green corridor traffic light control. When a sensor detects an emergency vehicle, it starts to estimate the direction of the vehicle and transmits the direction to the control box. Based on the input from the sensor, the control box will switch the traffic light and provide a green corridor for the emergency vehicle.

Green Wave runs 100% offline and analyses the audio on the device, which gives a faster detection as there is no internet/server delay.


The thought behind Green Wave

The thought behind Green Wave is to create a safe passage for emergency vehicles through intersections, by creating a “green wave”, thereby ensuring that they can drive through every intersection with ease. With the implementation of Green Wave, emergency vehicles will be able to get much quicker to and from, the place of the emergency¬†

Green Wave technical:

  • Operates in all weather
  • Detects all common sirens.
  • Runs 100% offline and requires no internet connection for operation
  • Is compliance with all GDPR rules

In a normal situation, the ambulance will drive towards the intersection, but will typically not be seen by the drivers, that are going through a green light in the other direction.

Most drivers usually first pay attention to the ambulance, when they are already out in the middle of the intersection, making it difficult for them, to give the ambulance the space that it needs.

The ambulance will, via Green Wave, alert the intersection and thereby ensuring a green passage for the vehicle.

After the ambulance has passed the intersection, the traffic lights will automatically go back to its normal setting, and continue to work, as it did before. 

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