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SafeTrack® - Emergency

SafeTrack – Emergency is a small, lightweight, low-power system designed to allow safer passage for emergency vehicles.

In use, SafeTrack “Guides” the RDS receiver of a car by intervening in the RDS part of the public broadcast FM channel.

Emergency vehicles carry two transmitters, one for RDS  interception and one for transmitting a low-power “warning signal” ex: “Warning, emergency vehicle approaching”. When the warning signal is played, the motorists will be alerted of the emergency vehicle’s approach.

On the RDS channel of the warning system, a message is displayed. The audio message is played twice, after which the carrier of the warning signal is interrupted, letting cars outside the danger zone return to their previous broadcast channel.

Our System is compliant with EU regulations on transmitting on the FM band.

FM transmitter

The thought behind SafeTrack - Emergency

There are many thoughts behind SafeTrack – Emergency, one of them being, that we wish to make the transportation for emergency vehicles, to and from the scene of the emergency, quicker and easier. With SafeTrack – Emergency, emergency vehicles will be able to alert motorists through their radio, telling them to make way, as the emergency vehicle is approaching.

By doing this, emergency vehicles will be provided an easier, cleaner passage to and from the scene of the emergency, as other motorists will be more aware of the situation, preparing them to make room.

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