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SafeTrack® – Road

SafeTrack – Road is a product made to ensure a safe passage when driving by roadside work.

In use, our system “Guides” the RDS receiver of a car by intervening in the RDS part of the public broadcast FM channel.

The product will be placed on the site of roadwork, where it will transmit a low-power “warning signal”. This warns the motorist of the roadwork ahead, telling them to slow down.

On the RDS channel of the warning system, a message is displayed, the audio message is played twice. Afterwards the carrier of the warning signal is interrupted letting cars outside the danger zone return to their previous broadcast channel.

Our System is compliant with EU regulations on transmitting on the FM band.

FM transmitter

The thought behind

The thought behind this is to improve the safety around areas, which are prohibited by roadwork. With SafeTrack – Road, motorists will be alerted of the roadwork, as they are approaching, giving more time to slow down. This will help improve the safety around roadwork. 

Test of SafeTrack - Road

SafeTrack – Road has been tested on the Danish roads. The test results show that the pace of passing cars and lorries has decreased in areas, which have been restricted because of roadwork, thereby ensuring a safer passage.

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