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The problem

Traffic is becoming denser with each year passing – Motorists are more distracted by their phone, radio, or other devices, when they are driving – as well as noise insulation in cars, is improving over the years.

Due to these factors, blue lights and sirens are not enough to ensure swift and safe emergency transportation. Distracted and otherwise unaware drivers put the lives of rescue teams and people involved in accidents at risk.

This is a major problem, considering drivers are taught, that they need to be aware of emergency vehicles, whether it is the ambulance, police, fire department, or roadside workers, and slow down and pull aside, so that they can get through quickly.

This problem is appearing all over the world, with numerous articles confirming this.




This causes

This causes loss of precious time getting to and from the place of the incident., resulting in high levels of stress for rescue teams, police, etc.

Our solutions

Green Wave

 A system to ensure emergency vehicles quicker transportation.

SafeTrack – Emergency

A system designed to allow safer passage for emergency vehicles

SafeTrack – Road

A system to ensure larger safety around roadwork.

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