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Warning Systems was founded in 2011, in the environment around the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. It is currently owned by the State of Denmark, as well as private investors.

Our first aim is to make first a solution giving a signal from the ambulance to private cars – making an easier passage for the ambulance – based on FM broadcasting. Currently, the product is ready, but the challenge is the European broadcast regulation.

Secondly, we aim to develop other electronic safety equipment. Making it possible for emergency vehicles to travel faster to and from the scene of the accident through Green Wave.

We currently have three different solutions at Warning Systems; SafeTrack® – Emergency, SafeTrack® – Road, and Green Wave, which we believe can make a big difference in response time for emergency vehicles.

Warning Systems mainly focus on R&D and sales to partners or distributors – We do not manufacture only install for trials and first-time releases.


Our vision is a safer environment for both drivers of emergency vehicles and general traffic. Ensuring safe passage for emergency vehicles to and from accidents is our greatest ambition.


Our mission is to create a reliable and effective safety solution for emergency vehicles that reduces accidents and saves lives by saving precious time for the persons involved.


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